Will Losing Weight Actually Make You Healthier? Probably Not!
Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.
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Will Losing Weight Actually Make You Healthier? Probably Not!

Taylor Ryan

For two decades at least, if not three, our culture has been obsessed with weight loss. And for the foreseeable future, this will only continue.

But what if weight loss was not really responsible for an increase in health?

What if all this time, as we struggled to lose weight, it was actually increasing our failure rate?

After all, it's been close to three decades that health and dieting have been a major part of our culture. And yet through it all, our health has been in steady decline rather than getting better.

Something must be wrong!
This article was written about Linda Bacon who is an associate nutritionist in University of California, Davis department of nutrition.

She looked at tons of studies and different aspects of our "healthy" culture and found that concentrating on weight loss for an increase in health actually can inflict psychological and emotional stress...

...which can contribute to physical disease.

Why is that the case?

I have talked a lot about his in the past. Weight loss is the most generic measure of your body health. Weight consists of entirely too many factors.

  • bones
  • blood
  • water
  • organs
  • food
  • muscle
  • etc...
Any one of these factors can cause you to gain or lose weight at any given time. The classic example is muscle weighing more than fat. So you could essentially gain 2 pounds and be smaller because you built muscle.

But if all you looked at was the scale, you would equate that with failure. Even though your waist has shrunken.

Being Healthy Needs to Be Redefined

There is a growing movement called Healthy at Every Size (HAES). This is all about promoting a shift from weight as a sign of health to actually, singular, signs of health.

Examples would be...
  1. blood pressure
  2. eating habits
  3. activity habits
  4. body image
  5. self esteem
It makes sense right?

If you feel great about yourself. If you look in the mirror and love what you see...

Who cares what the scale says!

If I looked like Heidi Klum, I wouldn't care if the scale said 250 pounds. (I actually don't want to look like Heidi Klum... I love my own body!)

But I think you get the point.

Here are the links to the article and the study: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/checkup/2011/01/questioning_link_between_weigh.html


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