What Does Your Body Shape Say About You?
Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.
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What Does Your Body Shape Say About You?

Taylor Ryan

There are four main types of body shapes, and while it's a genetic trait that you can not change, knowing the shape of your body can help you to know what works best to see results.

The Four Shapes:

Hourglass: This is the shape most envied by women. Hourglass shaped women have a well-proportioned upper and lower body, with a narrow waist. If you think you might have the hourglass figure, you know that if you gain weight you tend to gain it all over your body, but more so in your hips and chest.

Pear: The pear shaped woman has a larger lower body in comparision to her upper body. Your hips are slightly wider than your shoulders and you tend to gain weight below your waist. Many pears are small chested and have pretty flat stomachs.

Apple: If you're an apple you're opposite from the pear. Your bigger on the upper half of your body than the lower. You have slim hips, a larger chest and stomach. Apples generally gain weight first above their waist and on their back.

Ruler (or banana): Rulers tend to be figure-less and slim. There is no large difference between the their hips, waist, and shoulders. Like apples, rulers put weight on their stomach and backside, but their arms and legs stay slender.
What is your fundamental body shape?
What is your fundamental body shape?

What Does Your Body Shape Mean?

So here is the breakdown, one thing you notice is that weight training is important for all 4 shapes!!

If you're an hourglass... Both cardio and strength training should make up your regular workout plans. Both will help keep your weight in check, and the weights will also help to keep your upper and lower body balanced. Your reps don't really matter, and it's important to fluctuate between heavy weight with low reps and light weight with high reps to keep your body challenged.

If you are a pear... You want to work to balance your upper body with the lower. Interval cardio routines should definitely be a part of your workout, as well as a total body resistance training to help your upper body stay nice and tight! If you're looking to burn off fat, high reps with lighter weights work the best for you.

If you are an apple... Cardio is really important along with total body resistance training. So many healthy problems come about from having extra belly fat so you want to keeo yours as low as possible. Good circuits work great to help boost your metabolism, tone your lower and upper body and help fight off the excess stomach fat.

The ruler... as a ruler you're lucky. Your body responds well to any type of exercise. If you're looking to lose a few pounds combine cardio and weight training by doing circuits or intervals. If you're looking to tone up a bit, lift heavy weights for few reps.

Knowing your body will allow you to train in a way that quickly delivers results. All bodies react differently to food and exercise, so it's important to understand yours to see changes.

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