5 Fat Burning Productivity Tips That Will Have You Slimming Down Quickly
Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.
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5 Fat Burning Productivity Tips That Will Have You Slimming Down Quickly

Taylor Ryan

I think just about everybody is a productivity seeker. We are also seeking the newest way to get more done in less time. This is not a bad thing because if you keep your pursuit up, you will find that your efficiency level does go through the roof.

Here are 5 fat burning productivity tips to help making exercising and eating better much easier for you.

1. Hard Plan Your Workouts

This takes a commitment from you, but if you plan your workouts ahead of time, you have to make sure you don't reschedule them. This can really help though, especially if you're the type of person that coordinates their life by their calendar.

Having those workouts already scheduled will help you schedule around them so that you don't have to move them. The only hard part will be when the workout time comes, you have to make sure you take action.

Again, if you are a big time scheduler type person, this strategy can really help you.

2. Time Your Workouts Down To the Minute

If you are a very busy women that only has 20 minutes to do a workout, then set your timer for 20 minutes. Work as hard and intense as you possibly can for 20 minutes and when the timer chimes, shower up and get on with your day.

This is actually a great way to exercise if you track what you're doing and pushing really hard. You can do the same workout for two weeks and each time you do it, try to complete more reps and exercises. It's an easy way to compete against yourself and it's also a lot of fun.

I have actually created many workouts inside The Art of Weight Lifting member's area that are like this. Completely as much as you can in a short amount of time. They are great fat burning workout routines.

3. Get Your Workout Done First

Many women like to get into a fast routine during the day. This helps them be more productive and having a workout break might ruin this flow. If that sounds anything like you, then you need to get your workout done first thing in the morning.

This way, you can get it out of the way, but you can also use it to energize the rest of your day. It's proven that a good workout in the morning will fuel your body and that alone increases productivity for everything else you do.

Working out can also be very therapeutic and clearing your head in the morning hours is always a great feeling.

4. Precook Your Meals

When it comes to eating healthy, precooking your meals can make it very easy to stick to a new meal plan. You won't be able to precook everything but you can get pretty far.

You can precook chicken for the whole week and use that in salads, sandwiches, and breakfasts too. You can also pre-chop veggies and fruits and store them in tupper wear. There is this great tupper wear that you can use. It has a grate at the bottom that let's air flow better and it really keeps things fresh.

Doing this will force you to stick to your plan and hopefully keep you from those small cheat snacks as well.

5. Blog About The Food You Eat

If you belong to a group like The Art of Weight Lifting, then you can share your progress about your meal plan on our forum or your member profile blog. This will really help you stay accountable. Not only will you not want to disappoint yourself, but you will not want to disappoint the other women that are using you an as example.

Plus when you blog and openly share what you're doing, you will get great support. This makes you feel wonderful.

Join The Art of Weight Lifting today and plug into a system that is more than weight loss. It's living healthy and love every minute of it!

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