Best Way to Lose Belly Fat: Five Ways You Burn Belly Fat Fast
Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.
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Best Way to Lose Belly Fat: Five Ways You Burn Belly Fat Fast

Taylor Ryan

It's wasn't long ago that my stomach was overflowing my pants. That really sounds disgusting but it was true and sometimes the truth isn't pretty. You might be wondering why my belly was bulging.

I was in the middle of my college career studying biology, having one too many cocktails, one too many parties, exercising all wrong, and studying too much.

Here's why you too might be suffering from too much belly fat.

  • Too much food... mainly portion sizes. (You can actually not even exercise, but cut down your portions and lose a TON of weight!)
  • Running on treadmills. (Constantly running, called steady state, actually causes body fat to hoard onto your body!)
  • Not supporting lean muscle. (When you don't build lean muscle, you lower your metabolism and that packs fat onto your body.)

My change when I follow this advice!
My change when I follow this advice!

It's sounds crazy because you have constantly been told that ab exercises, ab machines, and fat burning pills will work. You won't believe me but the exact opposite will happen... body fat will actually grow over time, not fall off.

Here are five things I learned that change my life and burned my belly fat straight off!

One: Lift Some Iron

I'll admit, I was really scared at first too. I thought that I would get really big like a man. I didn't want that... I wanted to be tight, sexy, confident, and to feel great about my body.

My boyfriend at the time (my husband now) challenged me to just try lifting some weights. After all running on the treadmill just left me skinny fat and depressed.

I'm going to help you learn exactly how to lift weights to skyrocket your metabolism and burn fat like crazy.

Two: Move Your Body

I guess I really should have put this first, but working your whole body is the key to burning belly fat like crazy. You can't just work your stomach and expect to lose weight around your stomach.

Can you imagine... losing all of your belly fat and yet having fat around your thighs, arms, and back?

That would look crazy. Your body burns fat evenly over your whole body which means... unfortunately... your belly is usually the last place to lose fat.

But I learned by doing the right workout plans you can burn fat really quickly. These move your whole body and actually speed up your workouts. That means you workout less and get faster results.

Three: Eat More Food

The one thing that I was doing that probably killed my waistline the fastest was lowering my calories. Just like 99% of all other women (maybe you too) I was heavily restricting my calories.

This did a couple things that are not good.
  • It puts your body into starvation mode - Your body literally thinks it's not going to get the food it needs so it will start storing energy. That energy is fat... so you end up losing muscle mass because you're not working out right and then you pack on more fat.
  • It keeps your metabolism in the basement - You have no energy so you get cranky, you are tired all the time, you stress out... it's not good.
The secret is to learn to eat smaller meals and more of these meals throughout the day. About 5 to 6 meals a day spaced about 2 to 3 hours apart.

I can show you exactly how to do this! More about that in a minute...

Four: Stop Doing Ab Exercises

I didn't realize this at first either. When I first started lifting weights, I would do bicep curls and some calf raises. While these exercises are important, they will not help you loss weight faster.

Think about it like this... when you workout just your abs, you are hitting very small muscles. They can only burn so many calories. But when you workout your butt and thighs and back, you are working out a lot of muscles.

Move Less... Get Better Results!
Move Less... Get Better Results!
All of those muscles can burn a ton of calories which means fat!

Five: Exercise Less to Gain More

When you are first starting out with a good workout plan, it's hard to exercise less. In other words, it's hard to learn to rest. Most women want to workout a lot because logic says... workout more to lose more weight.

The truth it you only need about 2. 5 hours a week of intense exercise at the minimum. The rest of that time you need to rest.

It's during your rest when you repair your body, make it stronger, and burn belly fat.

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