The Art of Weight Lifting Podcast
Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.
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The Art of Weight Lifting Podcast

Taylor Ryan & Dan Boyle

This is our weekly podcast where we talk about what's going on in the fitness industry. Whether it's new findings on fitness studies, nutritional diets, recipes, or meal plans... maybe it's things that are happening right in your backyard.

It's our goal to help you and entertain you with great information on weight training for women, cardio and circuit training, nutrition, fat loss, body sculpting, and so much more.

Thursday, Jan 07, 2010
Podcast 5: Taylor Goes It Alone... And Kills It!
By Dan Boyle
Thursday, Jan 07, 2010 09:33
Sorry about the late posting of some of these podcasts. It was the Holidays and we had issues getting them up. But non-the-less here they are... and a new one coming this Friday!

Show notes:

Taylor Quick Fitness/Nutritional Tip:

More of a nutritional tip... cookie time is here when you're baking switch out 1/2 of your flour for wheat flour and use dark chocolate chips in place of regular... other good baking ideas dipped candy canes and nuts.

Other healthy cookie additions... cranberries, macadamia nuts

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Monday, Dec 07, 2009
Podcast 4: You're Too Fat To Graduate, Workout & Stay Smart, Plus Eat More Protein.
By Taylor Ryan
Monday, Dec 07, 2009 03:08
This week we have some really interesting stories that bring on some hot points. But we also bring some great fitness tips to help you get going into the new year.

Check out this weeks podcast:

Links to the stories referenced in this weeks podcast...

Remember that if you're looking to transform your body... do it with no questions or worries as to whether you're doing it right. Take on the weight training for women challenge and join The Art of Weight Lifting.

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Sunday, Nov 29, 2009
Podcast 3: Vinegar, Pregnant Exercise, & Calories Everywhere!
By Taylor Ryan & Dan Boyle
Sunday, Nov 29, 2009 09:56
Pregnancy ExerciseThis week we covered some really great information and even step you up and give you a great workout that you have to try to fight those excessive Holiday calories.

Here are the show links and notes:

Exercises for women... clean eating and nutrition... and fitness motivation. The Art of Weight Lifting will help you get fit and create a real healthy lifestyle... you will not fail!

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Sunday, Nov 22, 2009
Holiday Calorie Binges, Making Omega 3's Healthier, & Faster Results: Podcast 2
By Taylor Ryan & Dan Boyle
Sunday, Nov 22, 2009 03:49
Podcast number two started off not as we planned. We are going to record each of these live through, but we were being locked out of our account so we couldn't do this one live.

Remember to join us each Friday at 2:30 (for now) and you can hope on the line and even ask questions. We are also going to try and do live videos too.

But this was a fun podcast that of course centered around the holiday season since that is the big thing going on right now.

Here are the show notes so you can learn more about what we talked about.

The Art of Weight Lifting is the only weight training for women site that helps you create a healthy fitness lifestyle that is something you can also enjoy and have fun with.

You can learn more about me... Taylor Ryan or Dan here and make sure you try out The Art of Weight Lifting for $1... you will get 21 days to see what it will do for you!

Thanks and next week we will do podcast 3 live!

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Monday, Nov 16, 2009
Podcast 1: November 13th 2009
By Taylor Ryan & Dan Boyle
Monday, Nov 16, 2009 06:15
Reebok EasyTonesWe have finally started our podcast called The Art of Weight Lifting Podcast. Not too create we know.

As you do know though The Art of Weight Lifting is a weight training for women, clean eating, motivation, and all around health living community only for women.

I wanted to put this podcast together to not just help you get results faster, but to help you get to know me and hopefully to join me on this lifelong journey which is living a fitness lifestyle.

In this podcast, we talk about:

Here's the Podcast!

This podcast will be recorded every Friday and many times it will be videos. Make sure you subscribe your iTunes if you get the change and be on the lookout for all of our stuff.

If you have not considered joining The Art of Weight Lifting, please do... we are creating an entry level membership level which is a great way to test it out before you consider upgrading to becoming a full member.

Just click the pink button on the left to learn more about it.

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