Craving Something? Learn to Live, Love, and Deal With Those Cravings
Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.
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Craving Something? Learn to Live, Love, and Deal With Those Cravings

Taylor Ryan

Healthy Kitchen Course
Lesson 3

You know that feeling when all you can think about is a particular food craving. It is almost like you are trying so diligently to get work done but all that is really in your head sounds something like this: "Chocolate Chocolate, Give me chocolate now!" Or whatever it is you are craving at the time…

It's ok to indulge and grab the chocolate. It could save you in the long run!

Craving Something? Learn to Live, Love, and Deal With Those Cravings It seems that every time I turn around there is a new holiday waving at me. And with every one of the joyful days there are food craving galore. With Christmas, there is my mom's homemade fudge, Valentine's Day there are yummy boxes of chocolates being passed around the office, Easter has the Chocolate Bunny, and the list goes on and on.

How is anyone supposed to pass the urge on all the chocolate goodies and live without regret? Studies show that when anyone gets a craving stuck in their head it will stay there and occupy their time.

Instead of thinking about getting home to pop that boneless skinless chicken breast into the oven, you will be thinking about the CVS you pass on your way home that is sure to have the Cadbury Egg (this is my Easter craving).

Chances are, since most people are used to acting on thoughts, you will breakdown after thinking about it for the whole day and instead of staying sensible, you will go grab a pack or box of whatever you're craving and try to get it all down before anyone can ever find out. Inevitably, thoughts of guilt will rush in and the rest of the day go down the drain. You already messed up, why not just go crazy?

Being healthy is not about being a Nutrition Saint, but there should be some restrictions. Instead of dwelling over the craving all day and then fight with your mind about why its wrong to crave the sugar packed sweets, its ok to give in. Just be sensible. For instance, Cadbury's come out once a year and when they do I get a bit excited. But instead of buying the 4 pack, when I get the urge I can satisfy myself with the individual treat.

And that's what it is. It is a holiday craving and after I fulfill it once, its time to get back on the health wagon. Not only will you feel like you got the perk of the holiday and satisfy your sweet tooth, but you are not going to have to beat yourself up for the splurge.

That's why people gain so much weight during the holidays (around 5lbs average). They get into the habit of snacking on goodies, and then they feel bad for it and just keep on going. Why ruin a bad thing?

Here are some tips when it comes to cravings that work for me and will work for you.

  1. Don't feel guilty for having a sweet tooth, but don't use it as an excuse to go crazy.
  2. Allow yourself to get a taste. Craving a candy bar? Go for a mini or grab a bar that breaks off into pieces. Take a piece and give the rest to your significant other, roommate or work colleagues. They will love you.
  3. It's a treat, not an expectation. Sure give in to your cravings, but don't go crazy every day. It's a craving because it happens out of nowhere and sporadically. If you crave a cookie everyday, it then turns into a problem.
  4. Try healthy alternatives. Craving Starbucks mocha? At home, make a pot of coffee and pour in some sugar free hot chocolate and top it off with fat free whipped cream. Or grab a graham cracker instead of backing a batch of tollhouse cookies. Be creative. Most of the time I just crave something sweet, nothing specific.
  5. The holidays can be used as an excuse to indulge a little, but when you start using even the smallest of holidays as an excuse it's going overboard. Ground hog day does not mean you can have a double fudge sundae and Boss's day does not mean you get to chow on a triple layered cake (especially if you aren't a boss).
So there you go, use your judgment and enjoy your cravings. We do not get them to torture us, but we do need to practice minimal self-restraint!

Find out how The Art of Weight Lifting and Taylor Ryan can help you fight of those late night sweet cravings... Try it out for free:

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