The One Never Mentioned Food To Help Control Weight & Calories In Your Diet
Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.Get weight training for women routines, circuit workouts, clean eating recipes, and a private fitness social network for accountability.
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The One Never Mentioned Food To Help Control Weight & Calories In Your Diet

Dan Boyle

Nutrition Weight Control Course Lesson 1

When it comes to weight control obviously diet and exercise are key components. There are some "untalked about" weight control methods that dive deeper into diet and exercise that go beyond the basics and can help you get and maintain a great body.

These tricks can help protect your body from the unwanted "fat monster" visiting.

This first diet trick is great for several reasons (aside from fat control) but I will let you see for yourself…

The One Never Mentioned Food To Help Control Weight & Calories In Your Diet

When the words diet, nutrition, or anything really dealing with healthy eating comes up in our daily lives you hear the same buzzwords... calories, carbohydrates, and sugars. However there is a particular ingredient that is extremely helpful for controlling your weight and helping with your diet.

You know what the funny thing about it is... it is marketed as a regularity product instead. Can you guess what I am about to tell you?
mmmmmmm... Shredded Wheat - Fiber Goodness
mmmmmmm... Shredded Wheat - Fiber Goodness

That is right. Fiber is the secret, never talked about ingredient that can help you better control your weight. In fact, so many so-called diet aids on the market today are simply concoctions of various kinds of fiber.

Why does fiber work so well even though it comes from food with lots of carbs?

Well, fiber comes from a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and beans. In fact caulk up another point for breakfast because one of the highest levels of fiber can be found in 100% bran cereal. Apples with the skin are a fruit that is packed with fiber goodness. Peas are a bean that is packed with it too... and all of these are different types of fiber.

Ideally you want to get all the different fibers throughout your day. Shouldn't be too hard especially if you plan your meals (like you should be doing).

Fiber is so awesome because your body's digestive tract cannot breakdown the crude portion of fiber. So essentially this portion of fiber is calorie free and it just passes straight through your system.

Other forms of fiber (especially cereal brans) interfere moderately with the digestion and absorption of certain foods. When this happens they can reduce the caloric intake.

Finally the other really great thing about high fiber foods is that they make you feel fuller longer. Since you body cannot breakdown the crude part of fiber, it just sits in your stomach and takes up space... making you feel full. This is not the case with your typical carbohydrate.

Typical carbohydrates are broken down very efficiently by the body and used for energy. Because they are broken down and absorbed by the body their full caloric intake is used. And as you should know by now... if the body cannot use all of its energy or store it in muscles... it stores is as… FAT!

So fiber is looking pretty great right now... don't' hold your breath just yet...

As we have said fiber helps block the breakdown and absorption of certain foods. This happens because fiber moves the food you do eat so fast through the digestive tract that the body really can't break it down. It also blocks certain enzymes that aid in the breakdown of certain foods.

This is where fiber can get evil...

Too much fiber, like too much of anything, is a bad thing. Because it is highly efficient at blocking these enzymes, if you eat too much you can block the absorption of helpful minerals.

Minerals, your body needs like: zinc, iron, and calcium… are not absorbed by your body leaving you worse for the wear. This is why vegetarians usually have to take mineral supplements to get their levels up.

Bottom line... fiber is great and you should work it into you diet. Check the recipe section for videos to show how you can easily do this with functional recipes and foods.

Next up… if you aren't doing these 5 things then your weight can easily go to numbers that you don't want to see on the scale. To get started to these 5 great nutrition tips just click!

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