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3-25-12 Art of Weight Lifting Fit Podcast

This week's episode is loaded with info! And you are definitely going to want to listen in to the entire show.

Whats Going On In This Podcast

  • It's our first podcast! We cover come of the big stories going on right now in the fitness world
  • My favorite book at the moment, and it's actually not a "fitness" book but can have a big impact on your fit success!
  • I share what is going on in our home and explain why in the world I have decided to go vegan!
  • And of course more!

Listen To This Podcast

Show Notes And Additional Resources

The BIG Studies

  1. The Story Of Obesity Is Mostly Fiction
  2. Weight Loss Supplements Are Ineffective

What's On My Night Stand: Top Books of The Moment

As talked about in the podcast, here are my two latest reads:

  1. The Power Of Habits
  2. Quinoa Cuisine

My Vegan Life

I am continuously sharing my vegan recipes and healthy meat recipes (Dan's food) with you on my facebook page: Http:// Make sure to check it out and Like if it, you like what you see!

That's a wrap for this week... check back next Sunday for the newest episode of The Art of Weight Lifting Fit Show!

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